Blvck Paris, a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand introduces new products in the digital space Inbox

Blvck Paris

The demographic rose, as a growing number of the population, started consuming Fashion. Today the global apparel market is valued at more than 1.5 trillion U.S dollars, creating a huge market for the potential fashion mongers. While experimentation and innovation led to many revolutions in the fashion industry, we can't possibly leave the majority that uses it. Sophisticated fashion styles which were once popular are now being replaced by the techniques to incorporate comfort and luxury into mainstream fashion. One such company- Blvck Paris, a renowned brand, has contributed greatly in bringing the essence of blvckcolor into its comfortable and luxurious clothing and accessories line.

Instituted in 2017, Blvck Paris was founded by a French designer, Julian O'hayon who is famously identified for his 'All Black' clothing, accessories, and leather goods for men and women. Blvckhas introduced a new range of fashion infused with luxury, which focused on providing quality and design. This new style has certainly proven to be better than the anachronistic designs, bringing Blvck fashion into the prevailing market.

While creating a brand value, Blvck Paris has made sure that their customers receive the maximum benefits out of the services and products. Creating a secured network of customer relationships has always been their top priority. Along with producing exquisite clothing lines, they have also channelized their creativity in introducing free wallpapers, which have been downloaded over 10M times. Also, their team curated a special Spotify playlist featuring mellow vibes, melancholic moods to complement their customer's lifestyles. Blvck has also turned their customer's iPhone keyboard blvck by developing their first iOS app, Blvckmoji (available for free on the App Store and Google Play).

After 3 years of its inception, Julian has vowed to expand his business and create an 'all-blvck everything' lifestyle with their digital products. Julian and his team strive to introduce a new and fresh line of lifestyle products. The most recent ones as part of their digital line, the 'Blvck iOS14 icons set', which helps customize your iOS home screen and turn it black! .The brand has more exciting items coming out in 2021 in the digital space.

While we can certainly identify the brand by its all-blvck theme, the different and distinct fabrics, designs, products, textures and more, make each piece in their collectibles exceptional According to Julian, focusing on customer experience, will add up to your strategy and lead you to a way of success. Undoubtedly, Blvck Paris has given a much-needed change to the fashion world.