Blue One: The Fashion Boutique That Meets Your Style Statement

Blue One

Imagine you come across a store that offers handpicked dresses and accessories. Every product that you see seems like a collector's item. According to Elle Magazine, to top that off, you also discover that it recently ranked first in the US. Won't you feel tempted to jump right in and check out what the hype is all about? That's precisely what happens when you visit Blue One.

Founded in 2007, Blue One is the epitome of what Hamptons' elites look for in fashion retail stores. From cool dresses to thoughtful art and décor, this is a one-stop-shop for those who want to buy nothing but the best. This is not like any other boutique that you see and visit. It offers some of the most stylish dresses for men and women and information about Hamptons' best tourist attractions and restaurants.

About the owners

The credit for bringing all these things under one roof goes to Jarret and Crystal. Jarret modeled for Ford back in the day, while Crystal busied herself with fashion PR. Their unique fashion collection and aesthetic sense in décor earned them a place among billionaire clients who treat the couple in private planes and $100,000,000 yachts. Many clients call them as Hamptons Royalty Couple.

What makes Blue One unique?

Both Jarret and Crystal come from strong NY-based fashion backgrounds. This gives them the advantage of recognizing the designs that Hamptons' elites would love at first sight. They frequently travel to various destinations where they curate and handpick designers who can ensure that their customers can't keep their eyes off any dress or accessory they put on the shelves. The couple finds independent designers who want a platform to make it big. Some of the designers have later moved on to become renowned household names, such as IRO.

The difference between Blue One and other boutiques is pretty evident from the range of collections. Every piece of women's or men's apparel you see is so lovely that you would want to buy it immediately - the same stands for accessories. Many customers say that you should buy the product you wish to as soon as possible; otherwise, you may find it out of stock later. You even have the option to check Crystal's and Jarret's collections, respectively. They contain a collection of dresses and accessories that Hamptons' elites wait to arrive in stock.

Blue One on social media

Referrals aren't the only way Blue One reaches out to the Hampton elites. The power couple uses Blue One's Facebook and Instagram to keep their business thriving. They've seen their company flourish amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the NYC billionaires shifted to Hamptons permanently. This meant that Blue One could expand its customer base. They made the most of the situation by boosting their online presence and letting their social media followers have an easy time buying the products they want and getting them with minimal hassle.

It's hard to find a boutique that leaves you spoilt for choice, but that's where Blue One stands out from the rest. This boutique ensures that once you visit the site, you won't leave it empty-handed. If you love collector's items, including clothes and art, don't hesitate to head over to Blue One. It will leave you spellbound with its range of products.