Bloodshot is a person with moral compass: Co-Creator

The character originated when Bob Layton read a magazine article about nanites-machines measured in nanometers

Bob Layton, co-creator of Bloodshot, says a superhero is a person with a moral compass and values. The superhero appeared in books published by the publisher Valiant Comics. Now, Bloodshot is heading to the big screen with Vin Diesel in the title role.

Layton co-created the character for the Valiant comic books with Kevin VanHook. The character originated when Layton read a magazine article about nanites-machines measured in nanometers, millionths of millimeters. "I was fascinated," Layton said, adding: "What if you created a modern-day Frankenstein, but you used nanites to resurrect the fellow?"

Person with a moral compass

"We made a very concerted effort to make our characters standout from the pack. We wanted to write stories about people that we could relate to, people that we cared about. This guy had no idea what kind of man he was before he was resurrected, and the discovery is sometimes jarring when he finds out. Bloodshot is a person with a moral compass, with values," Layton added.

"Bloodshot is not a traditional superhero-vs-villain story," asserted VanHook. "Bloodshot", first published in 1992, was created by VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton for Valiant. Over its comic book run, "Bloodshot" totalled 110 issues with more than 7.5 million copies sold. "On the day 'Superman' died, 'Bloodshot' #1 was introduced to the world," said producer Dinesh Shamdasani, former CEO of Valiant Comics.

Bloodshot IANS

To release on March 13 in India

"There were queues all over the comic book stores worldwide. Bloodshot resonated because he represented a new type of humanity in comic book storytelling; instead of somebody being extraordinary before he became a superhero, or the greatest solider who ever lived, Bloodshot is just your everyday average soldier who only becomes extraordinary through the events of the comic books -- he's a regular person in an extraordinary situation," he added.

The action movie, titled "Bloodshot", will give a glimpse into his story as the movie follows super-soldier Ray, aka the superhero Bloodshot, who is brought back from the dead by a corporation through the use of nanotechnology. It is directed by Dave Wilson. Sony Pictures Entertainment India will release "Bloodshot" in India on March 13.