BLACKPINK Lisa Confessed Gong Yoo is Her Ideal Type; Here is How Shy Goblin Actor Reacted

The Saebok, Goblin star Gong Yoo told during an interview that he had sent BLACKPINK's Lisa an autograph with a message!

The Goblin, Saebok star Gong Yoo was seen flustered when it was revealed that BLACKPINK's Lisa had called him her ideal type during an interview. Lisa had recently professed her love for Gong Yoo as a fan girl. Lisa had said "I really like Gong Yoo Oppa," on Knowing Bros program recently. Here is how Gong Yoo reacted to the news.

Gong Yoo took part in KBS show Entertainment Weekly Live to speak about his upcoming movie Saebok, also starring Park Bo Gum. He was accompanied by Saebok co-actors Jang Young Nam and Jo Woo Jin. The movie is about human cloning and while speaking about the movie, the anchor brought up the issue of female celebrities going gaga over Gong Yoo. He asked why female celebrities call him their ideal type.

Gong Yoo Lisa
BLACKPINK's Lisa had confessed that Saebok actor Gong Yoo is her ideal type. Instagram

Gong Yoo's Reaction to Ideal Type Comment

Hearing this Gong Yoo started blushing before answering the question. "When the camera's off, please give me a list," he joked. But before the Goblin actor could move on to the next topic, his co-actor in Saebok revealed that Lisa had also openly confessed that Gong Yoo was her ideal type.

This made the actor flustered and he was trying to hide his embarrassment. Gong Yoo at last spoke about it and said: "I actually heard about it through the news. I saw that she requested an autograph so I sent her one."

The interviewer wanted to know if Gong Yoo handed over the autograph personally. But the actor said that he was not able to do so, but made sure to reach it to BACKPINK member Lisa through someone. He suddenly changed the topic and started praising BLACKPINK as well as BTS.

Goblin Star Showers Praises on Park Bo Gum

"Not only BLACKPINK but also BTS, they're both doing amazing things globally for our nation. So I included an encouraging message along with Lisa's autograph," he said. "I'm grateful that she watches my work with such affection," he added.

He also showered praises on Park Bo Gum, who has enlisted for military and is serving in the South Korean Navy right now. "He's a wise person who always adapts well to whatever situation he's in. Since he's gone to the military after working for a long time, I hope he'll feel relaxed mentally there," Gong Yoo said. Saebok is all set for big screen release on Dec. 2, 2020.

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