Black Woman Poses as Ku Klux Klan Member and Threatens to Burn Down Neighbors' Homes

A Black woman was arrested on Wednesday in Georgia after allegedly posing as a member of the Ku Klux Klan and sending racially charged notes to seven African-American neighbors, threatening to burn their homes and kill their children.

White KKK Member

Terresha Lucas, 30, was charged with eight counts of terroristic threats and acts. Investigators say that Lucas wrote letters describing herself as a "six-feet-tall white male with a long, red beard who did not live in the neighborhood."

Residents of the Brookmont subdivision of Manning Drive in Douglasville began receiving racist letters through their doors in March, with someone threatening to kill their children.

Terresha Lucas
Terresha Lucas has been charged with eight counts of making terroristic threats, according to the Douglasville, Georgia Police Department Facebook

Threats to "Hang People, Burn Homes"

Douglasville families told WGCL-TV they had received handwritten notes from a "man" claiming he was from the KKK and threatening to kill their families.

"The letter is using the N-word, talking about the KKK, hanging people, killing kids, killing whole families and setting houses on fire," one father told the station.

At least seven families in Brookmont subdivision reported receiving letters.

crime scene
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Months-Long Investigation

According to Douglas Police Detective Nathan Shumaker, the woman left the letters in people's mailboxes at night, to be discovered the next day. The first letters began coming in around December 2020, investigators said, following which similar letters were reported on February 17, February 22, March 1, and March 3.

"By mid-March, we really didn't have anything to go on," Shumaker said.

After a sixth month hiatus, the final note was placed on Sept. 6, police said, according to the New York Post.

Lucas remains in custody at the Douglas County jail. Officers have yet to share a motive for the bizarre crime. She made her first court appearance Thursday morning and was denied bond, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office told Fox News.

Social Media Reactions

One internet user shared, "Racism is so bad, people are literally racist against themselves." Another said, "Should add hate crime charges to that also."

One comment read, "Any one surprised this is a scam????? Apparently, this woman and Jussie Smollett are friends."

"Another Jussie Smollett trying to create racial division," read another comment.

One user said, "This seems to happen quite a bit. I'm sure the FBI takes this kind of stuff into account when making their statements about white supremacy being the no.1 threat to the US."