Black Widow team heads to Georgia for additional shoot

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Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow YouTube

Black Widow team has already held its wrap up party but the production is not over yet. It is learnt that the team of Black Widow will be heading for Macon, Georgia for the additional photography.

A media report suggests that the shooting is taking place on Monday and Tuesday at Macon's iconic Terminal Station and the set is swamped with rescue vehicles from various police, fire and several SWAT team. Interestingly, the noticeable thing is that the all vehicles used in the shooting were embellished with stickers referencing Albani, New York, and it indicates that the spy thriller will take a break from the original city and head to another country.

However, it's not surprising that Marvel is shooting their film in Georgia, although most of its films have been shot in Pinewood Studios situated outside Atlanta. While talking about Black Widow, the majority of the film has been shot in overseas, show some leaked pictures. It is not clear that the leading actors of the film are involved in the shooting in Macon or not, as it could be the second unit that is involved in the additional shooting.

David Harbour will also star in Black Widow and he told about his character in the film to ComicBook.Com, "Oh, geez, I don't know," the actor said about becoming a rising action star of finding success with Stranger Things. "It feels tiring, just thinking about it. I guess one of the things I really like about being an action star is that I'm not in the best shape, and I don't look quite as capable as most of those other guys, and I think that's a real asset in terms of the genre stuff. Because I think it's a hard balance because we want to be wowed by these things, but I also miss that identification with a main heroic character that's very incapable."

Black Widow is scheduled to release on May 1, 2020. This will be the first time when Scarlett Johannsson will be getting her standalone film after featuring in all the Avengers films. It may be recalled here that the character of Black Widow had already died in Avengers Endgame, so the makers of Black Widow will showcase her story before she entered Avengers in Iron-Man 2.