Black moon: Singapore to witness the rare celestial phenomenon on Aug 30

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"Supermoon" appears in the sky over Cairo, Egypt, on Jan. 31, 2018. (Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa/IANS) Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa/IANS

Skygazers in North America is all in a state of ecstasy as a black moon will rise on July 31 marking the first appearance since 2016. However, experts reveal that the rest of the world will see the event on August 30.

The black moon on July 31 will be also a supermoon, which means the moon will be at its closest distance to earth. It should be noted that there is no exact definition of a black moon. This event rarely happens outside of leap years, as lunar cycles usually take almost 29 days to get completed.

In every 32 months, two full moons appear in a month. The first full moon is called the blue moon and the second one is called the black moon.

"You can't see a new moon. It travels across the sky with the sun during the day. But the gravitational influence of the new moon and sun combine to physically affect our water planet, which people along the ocean coastlines may notice in the coming days. And, although you can't see a new supermoon (because it's in the sun's glare), a new supermoon's impact is real and profound. The tidal force of the extra-close new moon and the sun team up to usher in extra-large spring tides, where the variation in high and low tide is especially great," as per

In the meantime, several conspiracy theorists believe that these lunar events are an indication of a possible apocalypse. As per these conspiracy theorists, events like these along with the current happenings across the world indicate that prophecies are coming true, and human beings are currently going through the end times.

However, experts have several times made it clear that these apocalypse speculations are nothing but internet hoaxes and phenomenon like supermoon and black moon are absolutely natural phenomena.

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