Black Lives Matter LA Protests: Twitter Lashes Out at Woman for Bringing Baby to Demonstration

  • Twitter users criticized the woman for bringing the baby to the protests

  • Some even accused her of using the infant as a shield

A Black Lives Matter protester in Los Angeles was slammed on Twitter late Tuesday for carrying a baby during the demonstrations. Twitter users criticized the woman for bringing the baby to the protests and some even accused her of using the infant as a human shield.

In a video posted on the micro-blogging site, a group of protesters could be seen standing on the streets of Los Angeles. The clip showed a woman in a Black Lives Matter T-shirt holding a baby and using her mobile phone. Another older child could be seen near her among other protesters.

Twitter users were quick to lash out at the woman who remained unidentified. Several people tweeted blaming her of using the baby as a human shield, while others expressed concern for the child.

"BABY being used by member of #BLM as a human shield. The heinous height of cowardice. Child should be in custody of protective services as the so-called mother chose not to leave child with trusted relatives/neighbors before deliberately inserting herself into violent riot," a Twitter user wrote.

Another user said that the protesters often used a baby to protect themselves. "I've seen something like this happen before during my days. They use children and infants as shields in an attempt to stop the police from using crowd control, and if the children get injured they cry out that the police attacked children... even though they brought them," the user tweeted.

"I have seen this SO many times at protests. Any objections are usually met with "You telling me how to parent?!," another user said.

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Streets of Los Angeles have been packed with protesters following the fatal shooting of black man Dijon Kizzee last Monday. The 29-year-old was stopped by a police officer for "code violations to his bike riding" but he tried to flee the scene. Authorities said that Kizzee punched one of the officers after which they opened fire at him. A black semiautomatic handgun was found in his possession after the officers shot him. About 18 protesters were arrested over the Labor Day weekend.