A Black Belt in Taekwondo, Guitarist, Graphic Designer, Youtuber, and Many More – Here's a Glimpse at Many Talents of Content Creator, Jake Tran

Jake Tran

A person can be many things at one time or nothing at all. It's a matter of choice. There's literally no limit to how far we can go to learn something or many things simultaneously. And there can be no other perfect example of that than Jake Tran.

The world knows him as one of the youngest famous YouTubers of contemporary times, and justifiably so. At a very young age, he started his career in YouTubing and aced it after a few failed attempts. His annual viewership today is in millions with a total number of subscribers exceeding 1.2 million. With such a huge fan base, he creates content on business, politics, and war and reveals what remains hidden from most eyes and minds.

However, confining him to only be a YouTuber would be an injustice to a person like Jake Tran. Apart from being remarkably at video creation, he has achieved many things only a few might know.

Jake basically hails from Vietnam. His family migrated to the US in search of better opportunities when he was two years old. They settled in the new country and got the opportunities as well, but when Jake joined middle school, he was aggressively 'welcomed' by some bullies. They got into a few fights as well, but that wasn't a solution to the predicament. He wanted to be swift and strong, and use his strength as deterrence to bring an end to the intermittent fights.

Hence, he learned Taekwondo. And not only has he learned it, but also is a Black Belt Taekwondo Athlete from Elite Taekwondo Academy.

Jake has always been curious about business and how making profits work. His curiosity started brewing from the age 12 when he used to sell toys on eBay to earn some profit and buy himself some new ones. In the next few years, he grew up interested in Graphic Designing and learned it to the extent that he did some freelance work as well. He used his earnings to buy books and other essentials for himself.

Moreover, Jake is also a good guitarist and often tends to play some tunes at parties or friends' get-togethers. You would be surprised to see his fingers dancing on the strings just like a professional guitarist!

After school, Jake tried his luck in making a career on YouTube but ended up disappointed. He then pursued studies in college and graduated in Computer Science. He decided to become a scholar but then changed his mind and became a software developer. He developed an application as well. However, life didn't favor him here.

In the second year of his college, he got a job as a remote web developer. As a result, he decided to drop out of college and focus on the job. But as it turned out, he didn't find it to be satisfying to the level of his creativity and he left it.

There's still so much about his job and it's simply not possible to cover it all in one article. But you can follow him on InstagramYouTuber, or YouTube channel to get more about his daily life and passions.