Black Alabama Judge who Called Colleagues 'Uncle Tom,' 'Heifer' and 'Fat B***h' Removed From Bench

The judge in question used fake Facebook accounts to befriend lawyers and leak information about other judges.

An Alabama judge was yanked from the bench last week after it was discovered that she referred her fellow jurists as 'Uncle Tom' and 'heifer.' Nakita Blocton, of Jefferson County, Alabama was ousted from the court as a result of the complaint filed by the Yellowhammer State's Judicial Inquiry Commission in May. She also allegedly called one judge a 'fat b***h' and was accused of putting her finger on the scales in domestic cases.

According to Law & Crime, a nine-judge panel found that Nakita had a history of 'inappropriate comments' and a 'pattern of abuse,' as regarded her staff. The panel passed out the judgment on December 10, in which it was noted that the 'abuse' regarding Nakita's staff included 'excessive, unproductive, and unnecessary nights and weekends' she made her subordinates work.

The disgraced magistrate is also accused of orchestrating a coverup after her actions came under scrutiny. According to the judgment, she 'ordered employees to allow her to see their private cellphones so that information that might be relevant to the Commission's investigation could be deleted.' Nakita was a circuit judge in the Birmingham court's domestic relations division.

Nakita Blocton
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The judge used fake Facebook accounts to threaten

The judgment noted that Nakita was also accused of using fake Facebook accounts 'to communicate with litigants in a pending domestic-relations case in an effort to affect the outcome of the case.' According to the complaint, during a divorce case proceeding, she threatened one party and gave advice to another through fake accounts."False Prophet How Much Is Your White Judge Paying You. THE DEVIL IS WATCHING YOU," she wrote to the former party.

'We were disappointed they removed her from the bench'

Nakita is also accused of using fake accounts to befriend divorce lawyers and leak information on other judges, the complaint noted. Nakita's attorney, Emory Anthony addressed the facade and told Above The Law that they're trying her best to keep her [Nakita] on the bench. "We were disappointed they removed her from the bench," the attorney said.