Bizarre drone formation in US skies sparks World War III fear

Video grab of UFO formation (Youtube) Youtube

A video apparently shot in Michigan by a woman named Kaylin Nicole Adams is now going viral on the internet. The clip shows a bizarre formation of lights in the skies, and they appear to flash and move together as if they were remotely controlled.

Soon after shooting the video, she uploaded it to her Facebook page where it racked up more than 70,000 views in less than one hour. The video was later shared on YouTube by conspiracy theory channel UFOmania, and it has attracted 23,000 views since its upload.

"I was driving when I first noticed them, I was very shocked. We pulled over, along with many others to be able to get a better view of it. I was not expecting it all," said Kaylin, Daily Star reports.

As the video went viral on online spaces, people started coming out with several possible theories to explain the weird sighting.

Most of the people who watched the video claimed that these are alien UFOs which came from deep space. They even argued that aliens have been visiting earth for many years, and the government is very much aware of its existence. According to these theorists, aliens have appeared in the skies to warn that a war is about to begin soon.

"Yes it is several small UFOs exiting the larger mothership which is invisible..after exiting they disperse and possibly become invisible themselves.," commented a YouTube user named 'Noname123'.

On the other hand, skeptics assure that these flying objects are controlled drones. But they were not able to answer the intention behind this flying exercise involving large numbers of drones at one go.

As the drone theory gained popularity, conspiracy theorists started claiming that the US is preparing for World War III, amidst rising tensions with Russia over the Syrian row.

Some people even argued that these are holograms projected in the skies as a part of Project Bluebeam.