Bitcoin, Ethereum Recover; Polygon Jumps 20% After Disney Chooses MATIC For Accelerator Program

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polygon are showing positive signs in their value as earlier in the day BTC crossed $20,000 mark and Polygon registered a more than 20% of surge in its value. BTC's highest value in the past 24 hours was $20,353 while Ethereum also jumped to $1,119 earlier in the day.

Polygon has shown the most promising recovery among all cryptos in the past 24 hours as it jumped to $0.65 in the past 12 hours. Currently, it's trading at $0.63.

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The total market of Polygon is less than 1% and its total value is more than $880 billion.

Polygon Jumps Over 20%

The jump in Polygon's value came after Disney announced the 2022 participants of its accelerator program on Wednesday, and leading Web3 company Polygon is among them, according to Decrypt.

"Raise your hand if you remember your first Disney experience like yesterday. We are excited to announce that Polygon has been chosen to be a part of the Disney Accelerator program," tweeted the Polygon account tweeted along with a link to the official announcement.

Disney Chooses Polygon For Accelerator Program

Disney Company announced the six companies that will be joining the 2022 Disney Accelerator, a business development program designed to accelerate the growth of innovative companies from around the world.

Apart from Polygon Disney has selected five more companies that are Flickplay, Inworld, Lockerverse, Obsess and Red 6.

Disney Program Focused on Building The Future of Immersive Experiences

Disney's program is focused on building the future of immersive experiences and specializes in technologies such as augmented reality (AR), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and artificial intelligence (AI) characters.

All of the cryptocurrencies have lost more than half of their value in the current crypto fall. Bitcoin is currently trading at $19957 while six months back in January it was trading above $43,000.

Similarly, Ethereum was trading at over $3500 six months back in January while currently, it's trading at $1,101.

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This article was first published on July 14, 2022