Biotech Solutions Launches Groundbreaking Study on Corsa

Biotech Solutions

Radiation accidents are devastating to the people close to the accident, but radioactive fallout also threatens those miles away. The devastating events at Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011 underscored the need for solutions that go beyond simply evacuating, forcing the scientific community to examine other preventive measures. Most recently, the world has watched with bated breath as Russia issued nuclear threats on Ukraine during the ongoing war, raising concerns about possible catastrophic consequences to millions of people.

Biotech Solutions, a mineral prospecting company, is proud to announce the launch of their groundbreaking study on the elimination of radionuclides from human bodies using a new product, Corsa 365. This research was conducted in partnership with renowned scientists from multiple disciplines at Kharkiv National University right before the start of the war in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the war meant the team could not continue further studies due to the loss of communication with the scientists. For the past few months, Biotech Solutions has collated the data and compared it to other works by scientists. Their findings collaborate, and the team is now eager to continue research with US scientists.

"We have studies confirming the removal of not only heavy metals, but also Strontium and Cesium from aqueous solutions with an acidity similar to that in the human gastrointestinal tract," explains Yerlan Umarov, the company's founder, and CEO. A veteran with over 15 years in the mineral industry, Umarov hopes this project will pave the way for further research in this field and create solutions for those already affected by radiation accidents in various ways. He further explains that his company has been working for years on a novel, revolutionary process that would eliminate the need for expensive treatments and succeed significantly in the form of nutritional supplements.

"There are already a lot of reviews from people who have taken these nutritional supplements, and now they are thrilled with the result and continue to drink and advertise to their friends and relatives. We have also seen people cured of psoriasis. Also, these minerals remove up to 95% of the radiation from the body," Umarov shares. "Soon, we want to conduct tests with Stanford University on the removal of radiation from the body with the help of our minerals." This news has been received with great anticipation by scientists globally.

The dangers of radioactive contamination have overreaching consequences, as past events have shown. Years later, victims of different radioactive exposure are still being monitored for genetic damage caused by DNA mutations, cancer, and other fatalities. While some radiation exposure is unavoidable, scientists are working on ways to proactively limit the amount and length of time a person is exposed to it. In the past, this was achieved by using potassium iodide tablets, which block iodine uptake into the thyroid gland so that any radioactive iodine released will not harm those who have taken them.

Biotech Solutions' study offers a preventive and innovative solution with daily benefits to users. With a nuclear threat hanging on the heads of millions in Ukraine and other parts of the world, Umarov believes it's time for innovative solutions. His goal is to work with world-class scientists to find groundbreaking solutions that will make the world much better.