Mexico coronavirus: Is Billionaire Carlos Slim's cousin Jose Kuri dead?

Reports said Billionaire Carlos Slim's cousin Jose Kuri dies after being tested for Covid-19 in Mexico but Mexican Health Ministry denies it and says he is in critical condition

Speculations about Mexico's first death appeared on Sunday as the Mexican media reported the country's first Covid-19 death late night on March 15. The Mexican businessman Jose Kuri Harfush, reports said, passed away at the age of 71 after being tested positive for Covid-19. He had gone on a trip to the US recently. Kuri Harfush is the cousin of billionaire Carlos Slim.

Reuters reported that two sources close to the businessman confirmed his death and said that Kuri died in the ABC hospital in Mexico City and the citizens have been alarmed over the arrangements and information gap about the deadly virus in the country.

After posts about the death surfaced, the Mexican Ministry of Health said that the man is in a critical condition and has not passed away as reported in certain sections of media. But, the Mexican media has not changed the stance on the businessman's death so far.

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Speculations on the death

Twitter has been flooded with varied information regarding Kuri's death since Sunday. Several outlets are posting about his death while the contradictory statements are also making rounds. A local reporter for the US media confirmed the information from the Ministry that the man is in a critical condition. Here's his tweet:

However, according to a Mexican journalist's tweet, the obituary by the family confirmed the death. Soon after, the government denied the death and said that Kuri Harfuch is still very serious at Médica Sur.

The people in Mexico took to social media to express their concern over Kuri's death and talked about the lack of proper information from the government. The netizens believe that the reason the government continues to say that Kuri is in critical condition is to hopefully reduce the panic in the country.

There have been confirmations that Kuri had traveled to Colorado after which he had contracted the Covid-19.

(This is a developing story and will be updated)

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