Is Bill Gates on Tinder Trying to Find Love Post Divorce with Melinda?

Bill and Melinda Gates' marriage of 27 years came to a screeching halt after the billionaire couple announced divorce and parted ways. Their separation sent shockwaves across the world as the duo was seen as role models and millions of people looked up to them.

As soon as the couple announced divorce, social media platforms were full of speculations about the real reason for their separation and conspiracy theories reached new heights including labeling the two as lizards and aliens from outer space.

Bill Gates Profile on Dating App Tinder
A fake profile of Bill Gates on dating app Tinder. Twitter / Jasmine Rice Girl

Social media is buzzing with Bill and Melinda's divorce memes and surprisingly many users shared a screenshot form Tinder showing the Microsoft founder looking for new love post his divorce. When digging a little bit in to the app, it's not just one but hundreds of Tinder profiles have been created with Bill's name and image that says 'looking for love'.

A few of the bios shared by LadBible reads with a picture of Bill, ''I'm still rich. I didn't read your bio becoz I know what they all says, 'I love dogs, pizza, not looking for hookups bla bla bla' boring...I've seen trees with more personality (sic),'' and another bio read, ''Likes: Office365, Vaccines, boring girls without personalities (I hear they live here). Dislikes: iMacs, Anti-vaxxers, Google docs.''

The screenshots of the spoof are being circulated online receiving thousands of likes and comments. However, all the available accounts on Tinder of Bill Gates and even Melinda Gates for that matter are fake and the billionaires are not on the dating app and might never be.

Also, many other users posted screenshots of sending their love proposal to Bill Gates through Instagram DMs with the caption 'trying my luck' and 'he's single so why not'.

Users also poked fun at Bill Gates for asking people to respect his ''privacy'' after the divorce announcement and accused him of doing the opposite on people for decades by playing with their privacy policy on Microsoft. A user said, ''We ask for space and privacy". Tweets to 55 million followers,'' while another said, ''Space and Privacy while promoting vaccine passports? Yeah, I'd like some space and privacy too, Bill.''