Bikinis not allowed at 'Slide The City' event in Kuantan, Malaysia

Only modest and appropriate clothing will be allowed in the event,

Bikinis and sale of alcohol will not be allowed at 'Slide The City' event at the Malaysian city of Kuantan, the local tourism and culture officials have said.

The 'no bikini' rule was jointly decided with the organiser Monkey Theory Sdn Bhd since the 1,000 ft water slide in the sun is a family recreation event, Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin, the Pahang Tourism and Culture Committee chairman, said.

He said that only modest and appropriate clothing will be allowed in the event, which will be held at Indera Mahkota.

Sharkar said those who wear bikinis won't be allowed to enter the venue.

Earlier Facebook posts were made calling for the boycott of the event. The event supposedly required the participants to wear swimsuits.

Mohd Sharkar has requested the public not to be 'too judgmental' about this decision, adding that the organizers are trying their best to ensure that the event is acceptable to everyone.

"In respect of traffic congestion, we have checked and found that the water passage does not include roads in residential areas. No doubt there will be road closure, but the Kuantan Municipal Council (MPK) and the police will monitor the situation in order to reduce congestion," he added.

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