Bikash Nepal aims to take Nepali food products to the global audience

Bikash Nepal

Bikash Nepal, a visionary entrepreneur hailing from the Himalayan nation, is the driving force behind the success of Nepal Foods, a premium food brand that has taken the culinary world by storm.

With a passion for his homeland's rich culinary heritage, Bikash has dedicated himself to creating exceptional Nepali products with premium packaging and uncompromising quality. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Bikash has already carved a niche for Nepal Foods in 25 countries and has plans to further expand its global footprint, and introduce Nepali culinary products to all corners of the world.

With an unwavering belief in the power of passion and a customer-centric approach, Bikash Nepal and Nepal Foods are set to redefine the perception of Nepali cuisine globally.

"Always work for passion, not for money. Money will follow soon," says Bikash about the mantra that drives him and his entrepreneurial journey.

Bikash has a bachelor's degree in commerce from the prestigious Delhi University and an MBA from the University of Wales. After completing his studies, Bikash gained valuable experience in the marketing industry, leveraging his exceptional communication skills and creativity. He worked as a sales advisor at British Gas and later as a heating sales advisor for four years.

In 2014, Bikash took the bold step of establishing his own marketing company - Market Direct. The venture allowed him to collaborate with renowned brands such as Dabur, Dairy Valley, Haldirams, Gits, and Ashoka, further enhancing his expertise in the industry. Over time, Bikash identified a glaring gap in the availability of premium-quality Nepali products.

"I realised that Nepali products existed in the market but they lacked nutritional value, quality packaging, and brand recognition. Big Indian brands were established and well-known in the UK, but that was not the case with Nepali brands. I was motivated to create a Nepali brand that is as good as any Indian brand," says Bikash.

Before establishing the company, Bikash initiated extensive research into product packaging, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and understanding the intricacies of import-export processes and regulatory compliances. He also visited different parts of Nepal and conduct extensive research into Nepal's culinary practices. He launched Nepal Foods in 2017.

Since its inception, the company has delivered exceptional culinary experiences to customers, emphasising premium packaging and unmatched quality. However, the journey was not without its challenges. For one, Bikash faced financial constraints and encountered resistance due to the higher price points of his products compared to other Nepali products. Over time, he successfully communicated the value proposition of Nepal Foods, and gradually, consumers began to recognise and appreciate his commitment to quality and authenticity.

Under Bikash's leadership, Nepal Foods has achieved significant acclaim and accolades and established itself as a prominent player. His commitment to excellence has been recognised with prestigious awards and certifications. In 2020, Nepal Foods' Buff Sukuti (dried meat) was honoured with the Great Taste Award, followed by the Lapsi Pickle (hog plum pickle) receiving the same honour in 2021. The company was crowned the Best Nationwide Nepalese Food Supplier in 2022.

Nepal Foods continues to expand its reach and engage with customers on a global scale. The brand's year-on-year growth stands at an impressive 20-25%, a testament to the success of Bikash's vision and commitment.