The Iranian Hulk is getting ready to make his MMA debut
The Iranian Hulk is getting ready to make his MMA debut Instagram/Sajad Gharibi

Sajad Gharibi is the name of a man fast gaining worldwide fame. He weighs 390 pounds and is popularly called 'Iranian Hulk.' This mountain of a human being has become a sensation in powerlifting and now has 450,000 followers on Instagram.

Most of these followers and even others who are interested in the Iranian's career are keenly awaiting his debut in the Mixed Martial Arts world. The man dubbed 'Persian Hercules' announced recently that he is going to be making his debut as an MMA fighter soon. Then he sent out an open challenge to fighters around the world for a match.

His first match and opponent

Now, the 27-year old has said that his debut is set to take place in late 2019 against a Brazilian opponent. This made fans around the world wild as they expect the Brazilian to be none other than Romario Dos Santos Alves, popularly called 'Brazilian Hulk.'

While nothing has been confirmed yet by anyone, the rumours are spreading fast. The fact that Gharibi hasn't mentioned the name of his opponent suggests that it is going to be someone special. But it could also be a publicity tactic to keep the veil of mystery around the fight.

However, the Brazilian muscleman is not backing down from the challenge, if it is coming his way. Responding to the rumours, he said that if his Iranian counterpart were to fight him, he would "tear off" his head.

Rumours say that the Brazilian mentioned by Gharibi could be Romario
Rumours say that the Brazilian mentioned by Gharibi could be Romario Instagram/Romario Dos Santos

Comparison of Brazilian and Iranian Hulks

This boast of Romario won't be easy to fulfil as he is comparatively smaller (comparatively being the keyword) to the Iranian. While the latter weighs an astonishing 390lbs and stands 6'2" tall, the former is 5'8" in height and 229lbs in weight.

But in terms of muscularity of physique, Romario looks more impressive. His biceps are 62 cm and the bulging muscles give him a superhuman look. There was a time when he went overboard in his drive to get bulkier and took injections of synthol oil. But after a severe reaction that endangered his health, he shifted to a more organic way of training.

The Brazilian is also keen on justifying his moniker. He has often appeared with his body painted green and wearing partly-torn blue shorts – a copy of the look which the superhero character from Marvel stable has.

So, it could be the buff Iranian Hulk fighting with the ripped Brazilian Hulk. But remember, MMA is not just about weight. It also requires skill and expertise in martial arts – something the two don't have at the moment. They also have no experience in this field. So, it could just be a boring match-up where two large bodies are banging into each other. Still, if the fight does materialise, the world will pause and take a look.