Bigg Boss 11: Will Priyank Sharma beg for his relationship with Divya Agarwal? [VIDEO]

Divya Agarwal entered the Bigg Boss 11 house to meet her 'ex- boyfriend' Priyank Sharma and here is what happened inside...

Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11, the most controversial reality show of Indian television is all set to witness an emotional phase in this season as the housemates will meet their family members in the upcoming episode that will be aired tonight, Thursday, Dec.7. The contestants' family members or their loved ones will enter the house for some time.

The promo video shows that Vikas Gupta's mother, Puneesh Sharma's father, Shilpa Shinde's mother and other contestants' family members will visit them tonight. Like other contestants, Priyank Sharma will also get to meet one his closest person and it is none other than his girlfriend Divya Agarwal.

Earlier reports stated that Divya was upset with Priyank's apparent on-screen closeness with co-contestant Benafsha Soonawaala and announced her break-up officially to the media. The reports also added that she will vent out her anger on Priyank once she meets him.

However, both Divya and Priyank were seen bursting into tears in the show promo. Divya was seen telling her beau that he has hurt her a lot. But, the promo didn't show the complete conversation.

While Divya was leaving the house, Priyank was seen running towards the door and was screaming her name. Later in another promo, Priyank was seen crying his heart out on his long-time friend Vikas Gupta's lap that eventually made us wonder if Priyank is regretting his actions inside the Bigg Boss house. The producer was also seen saying some heart-melting words to his friend.

Now, the question is will these two come together again? Will Priyank manage to convince Divya?

Although, when asked about the possibility of patch up, Divya has clearly said "No", we can still hope that the couple patch up once Priyank is out and they look adorable together. But, in order to do that Priyank would surely need to prove to Divya that his intentions were never wrong in the show and he truly loves her.

This article was first published on December 7, 2017