Bigg Boss 11

The Bigg Boss house has got its captain for this week and it is none other than Sabyasachi Satpathy. Surprised? Well, Sabyasachi has finally beaten Bandgi Kalra and Akash Dadlani in the captaincy task that will be telecast today.

Sabyasachi, Akash and Bandgi were the final three contenders in the luxury budget task and as a result of that three of them were given a nest each and was asked to put eggs into it. The housemates of Bigg Boss Season 11 had to select their favourite contender out of the three and were supposed to keep eggs in the nest of the contestant whom they support.

Meanwhile, there was a twist in the task. The inmates were allowed to break and steal eggs from the nest of their contender. The person who manages to get the maximum eggs will be the captain of the house for one week. Business of Cinema reported that Sabyasachi has won the task with the maximum number of eggs.

Interestingly, this week Sabyasachi has also been nominated for this week's eviction. So, now it will be quite exciting to see if Sabyasachi gets eliminated or gains immunity with the captaincy power. If he survives, he will succeed Puneesh Sharma as a captain.