Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 is back to the news after the fights inside Salman Khan's show went to another in the latest episode when Akash Dadlani made some lewd comments on Benafsha Soonawalla's private parts. And, this obviously didn't go well with Benafsha's boyfriend Varun Sood, who has reacted to the issue.

Akash has been calling Benafsha unhygienic, crazy and stinky but now he has body-shamed her by discussing her private parts. Following the incident, Benafsha was almost about to hit him but was stopped by the housemates. Priyank Sharma defended Benafsha and fought with Akash for making such nasty comments.

Watching all this on national television, Varun is quite angry with Akash and has promised to make his life a 'living hell' once he is out of the show. On Twitter, Varun wrote: "Bodyshaming someone, talking about their private parts, saying derogatory things to them on national this really entertainment? Imagine if it happened to someone you know."

"Akash is not realising that Benafsha has so many people who love her outside. And they are very protective of her. So, he should be careful and start thinking about the outside world, because I am assuring him that it will be hell for him after he comes out. He won't have a happy life after he comes out," Varun told Bollywood Life.

However, Varun is happy that Priyank supported Benafsha and said that other contestants should also have stood for his girlfriend.