BigBang's Seungri is dating this rookie actress? Truth revealed

Bigbang's Seungri and rookie actress Yang Jung Won were rumoured to be dating.

Rookie actress and fitness instructor Yang Jung Won recently cleared the air over her relationship with Bigbang member Seungri. The 26-year-old revealed that both of them are good friends and are closely maintaining the 'nuna-dongseng' relationship.

Jung Won, who appeared on the September 6 episode of MBC Every1 program Video Star, faced quite a few questions about her unveiled relationship with the Strong Baby singer on the show. While the actress calmly answered all the questions, she debunked the rumours of her romantic involvement with the boy band member.

The actress revealed that her first meeting with the singer-songwriter was a coincidence. She further explained:"I went out to eat [with my mom] and coincidentally ran into [Seungri]. We ate separately, and when we were finished, we discovered that without saying anything, Seungri had paid for the tab and left." Jung Won apparently acknowledged Seungri's kind gesture and felt attracted towards him.

When asked if the rising actress gets BigBang's hard-to-get concert tickets easily, she replied: "For the concert tickets too, even though I don't tell [Seungri] I want to go, he says to me, 'If you want to come watch, I'll get them for you,".

So is there anything cooking between the two?Jung Won responded with a clear dissent: "There's nothing like that. He knows everything about my dating life, and I know everything about his, so there's nothing between us," she said.

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