BigBang's Seungri dating Taiwanese model-actress Bea Hayden? Singer reveals the truth

Seungri has previously been embroiled in dating rumors linked to his social media pictures.

BIGBANG's Seungri is rumored to be dating Taiwanese actress and model Bea Hayden Instagram

BIGBANG's Seungri has finally responded to dating rumours about him that have been popular for quite some time now. The singer who is often seen putting up pictures with Taiwanese actress and model Bea Hayden on social media, clarified that he is single.

On the September 28 airing of Naver VLive's 'Hello? Is this Seungri?', the 25-year-old revealed that Hayden is his Chinese movie co-star, and he uploads her picture as a friend. Many fans questioned Seungri out of anticipation to which the boy group member calmly replied. He cleared the air by saying: "I posted photos of myself and co-star Bea Hayden as we're filming a movie together. A lot of fans thought she was my girlfriend and cursed at me."

" She's really not my girlfriend. If she really was, I would've never posted the photos," he further clarified.

This is not the first time Seungri is been embroiled in dating rumours linked to his social media pictures. In June 2016, one of the singer's female friend named Maggie posted a picture of her, Seungri and Taiwanese actor Darren Wang on social media. The photograph apparently attracted a lot of negative comments, netizens reportedly cursed the duo for hiding the relationship.

However, slashing the rumours once again, the singer-turned-actor took to his Weibo and responded with a repost for the same picture: "Maggie is really my friend.Please stop attacking her. Thank you, " he wrote.

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