South Korean rapper G-Dragon was slammed for posting the Korean flag on Instagram. The 27-year-old boy band member posted the country's flag on 15 August to mark the Independence Day - when it gained freedom from Japan.

G-Dragon captioned the image with the hashtag "815." His Japanese fans were upset with the post and posted mean comments below the picture.

However, many others showed their support to G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong. One fan wrote: "Negative comments is definitely uncalled for...we all take pride in our nationality and he has every right to do so given the day marked for their Independence just like July 4th mark for ours in the US."

Another wrote: "He had right to post South Korea Independence day. South korea is his homeland, who are you to mad with his post? Just accept what your country had done to others and you cannot change history but you can learn from it. Like it or not, Every people have right to support their country. What is wrong with this people?? Their are who did wrong to others country and now their want people to forget it? Please respect!"

This comes after Girls' Generation's Tiffany received backlash for using the Japanese flag emoji on Korea's Independence Day.