BIGBANG's G-Dragon says Kim Hye Soo is 'powerful and intimidating'

G-Dragon recalled his meet with the Kim Hye Soo.

South Korean rapper G-Dragon cannot stop gushing about South Korean actress Kim Hye Soo. The 27-year-old boy band member recalled his meet with the 45-year-old actress.

During an episode of MBC's Infinite Challenge, G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong said: "She was powerful and intimidating. Even if she didn't say a lot, you could feel this aura surrounding her."

Previously, South Korean actress Park So Dam revealed Hye Soo influenced her acting career. She revealed who is her role model: "It's Kim Hye Soo sunbae. I have tremendous respect for her. I think it's so cool that her acting experience covers such a wide spectrum, and I want to be like that."

So Dam added: "When I was starting out, for two and a half years I went to nearly every audition a rookie actor could go to. In almost a month I auditioned for 17 projects. I was rejected every time, so that really brought me down. I was pondering a lot on what it was that I was good at, so instead of choosing my projects, I often ended up doing things here and there."