Big Hit Entertainment CEO thought Jungkook did not have any talent before he debuted with BTS

Jungkook was apparently shy and did not mingle much with others.

Bangtan Boys
Members of South Korean K-pop band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys Reuters

Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Si Hyuk has shared his honest thoughts about Jungkook. During an interview with OSEN, the CEO revealed he never expected the 19-year-old singer to debut with BTS.

Si Hyuk stated that his feelings were based on the fact that Jungkook was shy and did not mingle much with others. He said: "Jungkook actually couldn't sing at all when I asked him to. He was so shy and kept on twisting his body for 15 minutes. Our agency even judged that it was impossible for him to debut because he didn't have talent but now he has become a playful member."

"All of the members changed except the oldest hyung Jin. He's very commonsensical. He's a good friend who makes sure the other members don't go over the line," he added.

Adding on, Si Hyuk also talked about the changes in other members ever since they made their debut in 2013. He said: "I met Rap Monster when he was in the 8th grade so I've seen him for about 7-8 years.They started training when they were young so it's fun to see how their personalities changed over time."

Si Hyuk credited BTS' fans for their popularity. He stated: "It's 100% the power of fans that allowed BTS to be where they are now. BTS and I have just done our jobs and worked on producing. It's the fans' love that brought us here. We will continue to have fans as our #1 priority and work hard so please continue loving BTS. I'm thankful and grateful."