Big Bang's Taeyang reaction on Min Hyo Rin's Unnies debut revealed

Min Hyo Rin debuted with her dream girl band, Unnies.

South Korean actress Min Hyo Rin who is accomplishing her dream as a member of girl group, talked about her chemistry with singer/boyfriend, Taeyang. The pair who have been dating since 2013, announced their relationship in 2015.

During an interview with Ilgan Sports, when asked if the Big Bang singer makes time for her during his busy schedule, the actress-turned-singer responded: "He's not in Korea often because of his schedules overseas, but we try to meet whenever he is in Korea."

Dishing out details of their typical date style, the former model shared: "We eat good food, and just casually spend time together. We both love to eat, and have similar tastes, so our opinions don't usually go against each other."

Hyo Rin, who always wanted to be singer, debuted with her dream girl band, Unnies, on the recent episode of Music Bank. Unnies, which has been specially formulated to fulfill Hyo Rin's dream consists of Girls' Generation's Tiffany, comedian Kim Sook, comedian and actress Hong Jin Kyung, actress Min Hyorin, actress Ra Mi Ran, and singer-rapper Jessi of Lucky J.

When asked to share Taeyang's reaction on Unnies' debut, the idol expressed: "He sincerely loved it and congratulated me. I think he was proud of me for doing what I've always wanted to do. "

Hyo Rin further added: "He told me that I've worked hard. He also cheered me on when I was struggling during practice, and even monitored for me."