South Korean singer Kwon Ji Yong, known as G-Dragon Reuters

Big Bang's G-Dragon is hailed as a fashion icon in the K-Pop world. The artist, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, who is a trend setter, is well-known for his clean shaved look.

However, his latest Instagram post has shocked his fans around the world. The rapper shared a photo of himself lying in a bathtub, with mustache and beard.

One fan, lxng_lingxxi wrote: "I almost scream why de didn't shave"

Another fan, nathalyrihma stated: "Wow I barely recognized him XD"

A third fan, eighteeneighttwelve opined: "The other side of GD... I think GD will be like this in his Old times later... We just need to prepare for the future.."

Meanwhile, G-Dragon had previously admitted that his love for fashion came from his mother. He said: "I started out as a child actor. Back then, I didn't have a manager or company and I couldn't even dream of having a stylist. My mom made and bought the clothes I would wear. I think that was probably when I first got into fashion? Interestingly, when I look at pictures of me when I was five or six years old, I think I look pretty stylish."

He added: "There are times even I am a bit embarrassed by my look. Don't be afraid. There is no right answer in fashion."