Big Bang tell fans to wait until they complete military service

Big Bang
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Korean boy band Big Bang performed at their last group concert in 2017 on December 31 and told fans to wait until they finish their military service.

Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang will be enlisting this year. T.O.P, who was convicted of using marijuana last July, started his military service in February.

At the concert, Daesung said, "For a long time, there's been rumors that 'this is Big Bang's last concert,' but finally the last concert before enlistment has arrived.I think of this as the end of the first part. We will return in health after doing our duty as men so we hope that everyone will take care of their health too."

"The most important thing is being together. This is not the end, so let's continue to make memories together and make our relationship even stronger," he added.

Taeyang, who is also set to marry actress Min Hyo Rin in February, told fans that "the time has gone by so fast that I don't know where it's gone. Meeting all of you from the stage is my greatest happiness. After this concert, it is a bit sad that we will not be able to meet for a time, no matter how long or short it is, but I am also excited to greet you with a new and mature image when I return."

He asked them to "wait for us until we can return with five members once again. People ask if I'm worried that this will be the last of BIGBANG, but it doesn't feel like that to me. Even after I enlist, I think that your support will be my strength. I want to say thank you."

"I don't know how people thought of the tour name 'Last Dance,' but we don't attach a lot of meaning to the word 'last.' We're sure that this won't be our last so we hope that all of you will think so as well," said G-Dragon.

He promised that "I will return with a more mature image so if you can wait with excitement in your heart, the time spent waiting will be a good one. Thank you for giving us your precious time at the end of 2017."

"This is the time when we need your support the most. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Adding together our group and solo work, BIGBANG has made 280 songs. All of them contain the precious time and memories we spent together," Seungri said.

He added, "We've been through a lot, but I hope that BIGBANG can reunite as five members and laugh and sing and run and sweat together. Thank you and happy new year."