Biden Supporters Should Be Lined Up and 'Put A Bullet In Their Skull For Treason,' Says Alabama Police Captain

The comment led to outrage among Flomaton residents, some of whom demanded authorities to fire police captain Scott Walden

A police captain in Alabama's Flomaton town has come under fire for posting inflammatory comments on Facebook about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's supporters. Scott Walden was placed on paid administrative leave for commenting that Biden supporters should be lined up and "put a bullet in their skull for treason."

Walden made the comment in a thread about Americans who voted for the Democrat over President Donald Trump. The post was taken down after it went viral. "The idiots that voted for Biden hated Trump enough to throw the country away. Thank the lying liberals and Democrats news media," the original post on Facebook stated.

Under this post, Walden wrote: "They need to line ev1 [every one] of them and put a bullet in their skull for treason."

The comment led to outrage among Flomaton residents, some of whom demanded authorities to fire Walden. Flomaton Mayor Dewey Bondurant was among those who wanted to remove the police captain from the department. The mayor said officials took Walden's gun and shield and placed him on paid administrative leave.

Joe Biden
Flickr/Gage Skidmore

However, Walden defended his comments arguing on Facebook that people were "jumping on the 'gonna get them fired' train." He also said that he did not refer to Democrats or liberals but to people who were already charged with treason.

"Well, (No.) 1, I don't care who you vote for, (No.) 2, the comment was about treason and what should happen to the ones who are charged for committing treason," Walden reportedly wrote in the post. "So either you trying to stir the pot or you are OK with someone committing treason but not OK with someone who says they should be shot."

The Flomaton Police Department issued a statement following the outrage saying it has gathered copies of Walden's comments and complaints for internal investigation.

"The Flomaton Police Department holds officer's conduct to the highest standard and will continue to do so," the police department said in the statement. "The Flomaton Police Department treasures the community's trust, and this is achieved through transparency regarding public information."