Biden Shakes Hand With 'Ghost' at North Carolina Speech? Viral Video Shows Confused Prez Shaking Hand in Thin Air

US President Joe Biden was seen shaking his hand in thin air after delivering a speech in North Carolina on Thursday. He looked confused as he offered a handshake with thin air following the 40-minute speech at North Carolina Agriculture and Technical University in Greensboro.

Videos that emerged on social media showed that Biden ended his speech with the sign off 'God bless you all' and turned to his right saying something to empty space beside him and miming a handshake.

Joe Biden
President Joe Biden shakes hand with thin air after North Carolina speech Screengrab

Confused Biden

The footage went viral on social media with users claiming that Biden was shaking hands with ghosts after the North Carolina speech.

Nobody was on the stage at that time even no one from the applauding crowd had approached the president to exchange the pleasantry.

He potentially believed that someone was right next to him. But there was nobody on the stage apart from him.

Following the attempts to make a handshake, Biden looked lost on the stage for a few seconds. Ultimately, he turned around and moved towards the steps leaving the dais.

The incident is the latest strange behavior from Biden as there have been multiple brain lapses by Biden in recent months. Republicans were quick in highlighting the moment on social media. Some even claimed that Biden looked like a dementia patient.

Dementia Patient

Harmeet K Dhillon, former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party said, "Where are the White House and Biden family handlers whose job it is to make him look good?" She termed the incident bizarre and pointed out that the incident made him look like a dementia patient.

Biden looked disoriented last week when former President Barack Obama had paid a visit to the White House. Obama was surrounded by the White House officials and fellow politicians in the East room while Biden wandered around looking confused.

During his speech in Greensboro, Biden continued to claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for the inflation in the US that is creating challenges for the economy.