Biden Promises Vaccine for All Adult Americans by May 1 as Deaths Hit 550,000

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US President Joe Biden has said 90 percent of adult Americans will be eligible to get Covid-19 vaccination in three weeks. Speaking at the White House on Monday, Biden said 90 per cent of adult Americans will be eligible to get vaccinated by April 19. The rest of them will be eligible by May 1.

Biden said this a day after the coordinator of the White House task force under the previous administration said thousands of deaths from Covid-19 could have been avoided if the Trump administration had addressed the issue diligently.

The week also saw Anthony Fauci take the full credit for the coronavirus vaccination drive. "This is the best decision I ever made" said Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. H was speaking to CNN, elaborating on America's pandemic response.

pfizer-biontech vaccine
A lab study has suggested that the South African variant may reduce antibody protection from the Pfizer Inc/BioNTech vaccine by two-thirds. Pixabay

Fauci, who had an ambivalent relationship with the former president has now taken the full credit for the vaccines, overshadowing the work of pharmaceutical companies, Trump's Operation Warp Speed and claimed credit for developing the vaccine in record time.

President Advises Caution

Biden also cautioned that cases are increasing as people relax safeguards. He also said the pandemic could become worse if people let down guard. adding that the administration will ask the governors to reinstate mask mandates and other restrictions.

Earlier this month, Biden said he would direct all states, tribes, and territories to make all adult Americans eligible for Covid-19 vaccines by May 1.

Biden's announcement came even as the US death toll from the coronavirus infection neared the grim milestone of 550,000. The comment also came even as the United States saw a rise in new Covid-19 cases in 27 states.

Important Landmark

Earlier this month, the President had said that all adults eligible for COVID-19 vaccines will be able to get the shots by May 1. He said this will be an important landmark in the country's fight against coronavirus.

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President-elect Joe Biden promised to take action against climate change Wikimedia commons

The administration said a national website will be launched at the start of May to give information about vaccination locations. The number of federal mass vaccination centers will be doubled and there will be an additional 4,000 active duty troops to boost the vaccination effort.

He also said that, on Inauguration Day, his goal was to vaccinate 100 million Americans within the first 100 days of his administration, but this goal would now be achieved in 60 days.

However, the President added that optimism and caution should be balanced. "This fight is far from over," he said, adding that Americans should set aside the partisan fights over masks and restrictions. "I will not relent until I meet this virus, but the American people: I need you," Biden said. "I need every American to do their part."

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