Biden People 'Harass, Humiliate and Intimidate' White House Sign Language Interpreter Heather Mewshaw

Heather Mewshaw, the 41-year-old mother of four who bagged an independent contract last year to provide sign-language interpretations at the White House fell in hot soup after it was discovered that she translated speeches to conservative groups and a picture of her wearing a Make America Great Again hat went viral on Twitter.

The Time Magazine was the first to make public that Mewshaw is a Trump supporter and she received a barrage of negative comments on social media asking for her to be sacked from her position and things only went downhill since then.

Right after it was revealed that she comes from conservative circles, Mewshaw told the Washington Post that she began receiving hate-filled messages and was constantly ''harassed and intimidated'' and several of them went ahead questioning her credibility and professionalism. She also revealed that top officials of the Joe Biden administration humiliated her and their actions were uncalled for.

Heather Mewshaw
Heather Mewshaw wearing a MAGA hat Facebook

Mewshaw revealed that following the Time Magazine report, the Biden administration has not contacted her and she believes her career at the White House will eventually come to a screeching halt. She stated that her public shaming was ''unjust and unfair'. "The goal of my activity — at the White House or with Hands of Liberty — is that it's all about access,'' she said. "The thing is, I was canceled and humiliated publicly and it was unjust and unfair."

As a sign-language interpreter, Mewshaw added that she doesn't always agree with everything she translates, but only volunteered herself for work after receiving requests from people who wanted to see speeches made by politicians from the Republican spectrum and other conservative figures which made her pay heed to their requests.

She slammed her critics saying the the left-wing is stopping her from simply doing her job only because they don't want people with hearing disabilities take a stand and decide for themselves politically. ''(They) don't want this content to be interpreted because they don't believe in it. Deaf people just want a chance to decide for themselves what information is out there," she told the Washington Post.

Trump Supporters Furious At How Heather Mewshaw is Treated

Trump supporters cried foul at how at how Mewshaw is being treated by the Biden administration and liberals in general and called out their hypocrisy on ''unity'' and getting the country together. "The Biden admin fired their sign language interpreter for being a trump supporter and then questioned her credibility because of it. So dumb that it's funny,'' tweeted a user, while another tweeted, ''Is this what @JoeBiden means about "unity"?"

The political divide between the Democrats and Republicans is only deepening each day. Only a handful of politicians are reaching out to the other side while the majority of leaders are only looking to satisfy their base for political brownie points, leaving the country further divided.