Beyonce's former close aide says singer does not brush her tongue and breath is 'stale and crusty'

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American singer Beyonce Knowles is allegedly rumored to have bad breath. A former friend, who claims to have worked along with the Grammy-winner went online, and revealed some secrets about the singer and her personal life.

MTO News shared quotes from insider, who revealed Beyonce's breath stinks. The former aide stated: "I specifically remember this one time after a concert where she was very out of breath and damn near every time she exhaled, the air smelled stale and crusty. It's not always like that but she definitely doesn't brush her tongue."

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Beyonce is rumoured to have a bad breath Reuters

Adding on, the insider dished that the Halo singer might comes across as kind and compassionate, but its not true in real life. The source said: "She has her moments where she's decent, but she's a huge diva behind the scenes. She has crazy a** demands backstage, one of which being she doesn't want anyone including her husband and her children to bother her for the entire day. I remember Jay Z greeted her and asked if she would like some water and she snapped on his ass and threw him out of the dressing room."

Interestingly, in 2006, Carmen Bryan, who previously dated Jay-Z, revealed in her tell-all book, It's No Secret, that American rapper Nas had once turned down a date with Beyonce over bad breath. Following that, she told All HipHop why she included that story: "That was all Nas. The funny thing is Nas asked me to put that part in there."

"Again like I said he helped me write some of the book, but he called one day and was like, 'Carm you got to do this for me. You got to put this in the book because I want Jay-Z to know I could have bagged Beyonce a long time ago, but her hygiene wasn't up to par.' I was like ok no problem. This was before they reconciled there differences but by then I had already had it in the book," she added.

However, in 2014, American rapper 50 Cent, set the record straight about Beyonce's halitosis. The artist stopped by Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, and while discussing his little verbal altercation with the Crazy In Love singer, he told the host: "It's not really bad. Like, her breath doesn't smell."

This article was first published on December 8, 2019