Beyonce sues company that sells 'Feyonce' merchandise

Beyonce says the Feyonce merchandise confuses consumers and causes irreparable harm to her business and reputation.

It's high time pop star Beyonce took notice of her rhyming name being used by another company for whatsoever reason.

The singer, who shot to fame with the girl group gang ' Destiny's Child' in 1996, has sued a Texas-based merchandiser 'Feyonce Inc' engaged in selling T-shirts, sweat shirts, tank tops and mugs under the label 'Feyonce', which according to Beyonce is a 'trademark infringement' .

In the lawsuit filed by the singer in Manhattan federal court, Beyonce's lawyer stated that the merchandise confuses consumers and 'causes irreparable harm' to her business and reputation.

"Defendants have willfully traded upon the goodwill "and notoriety of Beyonce, arguably one of the most famous musical artists and entrepreneurs in the world," reports said.

They also accused the 'Feyonce' merchandiser for "trademark infringement, unfair competition, trademark dilution, among a score of other statutory and common law violations".

One of the mugs being sold by the 'rhyming' merchandiser has imprints from Beyonce's 2008 record hit 'Single Ladies', the lawsuit said.

As per the reports on BBC, the singer who is all set to start with her seventh concert tour by the end of this month, "owns the copyrights to her songs and her likeness and sells a range of products including clothing, perfume and mugs."

The award winning singer also stated that even after her request to the merchandisers, the defendant did not stop the production and continued using her rhyming name. The papers also revealed that the company has registered two trademarks under the label 'Feyonce', 'one with and one without an accented "e".'

Previously, Beyonce had also objected to marketplace Etsy featuring merchandiser from the rhyming brand ' Feyonce'.