Beyonce pregnancy weight gain: Singer 'bouncing back really fast' after welcoming twins

In 2012, Beyonce revealed she "barely recognised" herself after giving birth to Blue Ivy.

Jay Z and Beyonce
Jay Z and Beyonce welcomed twins in June Reuters

Beyonce has reportedly shed a lot of her pregnancy weight after giving birth to twins recently. The 35-year-old Halo singer and the 47-year-old rapper welcomed the babies in June.

A source told Hollywood Life: "Beyonce is recovering from the twins' birth much quicker than she thought she would. Considering how many difficulties she experienced during the pregnancy, she's bouncing back really fast."

"Beyonce's energy levels are already getting back to near normal, and her body is looking amazing. Bey hasn't set herself any crazy timeframe to abide by, she's just enjoying adjusting to the new family demands, and allowing herself to heal accordingly," the insider added.

In 2012, Beyonce revealed she "barely recognised" herself after giving birth to Blue Ivy. She said: "I didn't feel that I looked beautiful during birth — but who does?"

"After being pumped with all those fluids and gaining so much weight, with my swollen lips and cheeks, I barely recognized myself," she added. "I tried my best to roller-set my hair and I wore my [lip] gloss when I arrived at the hospital. I committed to the end and wore my kitten heels. It makes me laugh thinking about it. But after many hours of labor, I didn't care how I looked. It was all about the miracle that God gave me — the opportunity to deliver a human being."

Beyonce admitted that it was not easy to lose weight. She said: "I'm proud that my waist came back so fast. I had to get my tone back. I'm definitely softer, but I feel my body bouncing back. Whatever was tight and muscular, like my legs, I'm seeing it come back. You just have to work at it."