BEWARE! Hackers can now cause car accidents, send messages to stop brakes from working

Car-hackers can manipulate the vehicle causing fatal accidents.

Car accident
Car accident Pixabay

Next time, while driving a car or while riding, be extra cautious for you might never know, who is in control of the car. Terrorist hackers can turn cars into fatal killer machines and you might just not get a hint of it.

Justin Cappos a computer scientist from New York University stated that any car manufactured after 2005 is vulnerable to hacking and can be a threat to the masses. He further stated that any car, which is 17 years old can also be open to attacks and if automobile engineers don't fix the underlying loopholes then accidents in the coming years will be inevitable.

Cappos says that the issue of car hacking should be made an "urgent" issue as national security remains at stake, reports The Times.

He further states that any nation that is capable of launching a cyberstrike can easily kill millions of civilians by hacking cars. According to the computer scientist, hackers send a message to the car that obstructs the brakes from working and turns off the power steering.

Cappos suggests that government authorities should take the matter seriously and should make software updates mandatory.

"Once you are on the network you are able to communicate with any device so you could send a message to engage the brakes," Cappos told DailyMail.

Hackers in 2016 demonstrated how easily they can take control of a Jeep Cherokee and make it turn and speed up, any way they want.

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek who are now in Uber sent false messages to its internal network by suppressing the authentic ones. They could do anything with the car. They were able to make it turn violently and increase its acceleration gradually.

"If you can steer a car at any speed, that's pretty dangerous," Miller said.

Not only American cars but any car can be hacked, thus making the issue more intense and dangerous.