Better be aware than shoot blanks: Here's the app to know your sperm count

YO Home Sperm Test turns smartphone cameras into microscopic lenses to analyse sperm count with 97 percent accuracy.

Never doubt yourself. Most of the self-help books that we come across or the inspiring posts that scroll around in our news feed are always assuring us that things are fine or are going to be fine pretty soon. But in the modern times "being happy" is an easier thing to write and say, than actually be. We are continuously under stress and are prone to little vices to breeze through the day and then there are theories that are ever circulating in the internet about how a laptop or a phone could form detrimental to the body.

yo sperm test

There is no point mincing words. Our swimmers are not exactly handled with the utmost care by us, we subject them through enough with our harrowing lifestyle and that does take a toll on them. Impotency is a scary word and we often may not think or calculate that in our daily lifestyle choices. In this modern world this is becoming a shocking concern than a one in a million probability.

If all these have raised a red flag maybe it's not too late to get a check-up to see how the swimmers are doing and if there is any cause of concern and if you feel awkward about going to a doctor for this, there may be a simple solution out there for you. The YO Home Sperm Test, developed by Medical Electronic Systems (MES), can help you now to keep a tab on your reproductive health without having to face the awkwardness of sitting in a fertility clinic.

This device works through an app and the firm claims it to be 97 percent accurate, that's as fair a call as any out there. The YO Home Sperm Test turns smartphone cameras into microscopic lenses, powerful enough to see the concentration of sperm in a tiny test drop.

sperm test device

Using the kit is pretty simple. All you have to do is collect a sample, but just don't get into any extra lengths to acquire it as the test says not to use "lubricants, creams or partners".

Then mix the sample with a liquefying powder for consistency and leave it around. In case you want to kill the time, the app will turn into a "sperm trivia" game to keep you engaged.

After the ten minutes are up, the user extracts a small amount of the sample using a pipette and drops it onto a slide. A YO clip attaches the sample to your Android or iPhone to test your swimmers without getting sperm on your phone.

The kit is compatible for all recent models of iPhone with the exception of the Plus variants and there is also a possibility to archive your data.


It's always better to be aware than shoot blanks, right?