Best Pokemon Sun and Moon Experience guide: Tips and Tricks to score fastest Level 100

Check out the fastest level 100 experience guide for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon
Best Pokemon Sun and Moon Experience guide: Tips and Tricks to score fastest Level 100

Prolific YouTuber Verlisify has revealed a comprehensive experience guide to score the fastest level 100 in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This feat is attainable by using certain items that affect the distribution and amount of experience gained, which is calculated as a function of the fainted Pokemon's level as well as species.

As the YouTuber notes, there are a few important steps that you need to perform in order to boost the speed of levelling up your Pokemon in Sun and Moon.

Here's how you do it:

Head over to the Pokemon Refresh, before you do anything else in the game.

Tip #1: The Pokemon's affection will increase as you level up its experience points in the game.

Just go to the Poke Pelago and start collecting some beans. When you want to select the rainbow beans just scroll across the screen and highlight it.

You can now feed the rainbow beans to your Snorlax to earn enough affection, which helps you gain bonus experience points in the game.

Tip #2: Pattern beans do not generate such high rate of XP like the rainbow beans and hence you should not trade the latter for the former. You can always exchange the pattern or normal beans at the Poke Pelago.

Tip #3: You can change the type of beans you feed depending upon the type of Pokemon.

Tip #4: If your Pokemon isn't gaining any affection or experience points, just participate in the Battle Buffet to increase its level quickly. You will only get one lucky egg per game when you have around 50 Pokemon in your Pokedex.

Tip #5: You will only get up to 10 shots or turns to win the game with your Pokeballs and you will get only one level 55 Pokemon to aid you in the Battle Buffet (similar to gym battle in Pokemon GO).

Tip #6: Take your best shot with the strongest Pokemon in your lineup and you can win the battle easily.

Tip #7: When you step into the Elite 4 challenge, you will get more experience points helping you level up quickly. The benefits of this challenge is that you get higher level Pokemons to participate in the game, faster battles, massive experience points and also you will earn money at the same time.

Tip #8: You may also use your lucky egg or coin on your Pokemon to boost the experience points during its battle with rival Pokemons.

Tip #9: If you battle a slightly higher level opponent such as the level 60 in the elite challenge, you will stand a chance to earn more bonus experience (XP) instead of battling out an equally ranked opponent.

Tip #10: In the elite challenge you will get to face up to 52 Pokemons in an hour and this gives you massive boost of experience and skill points in the game. On an average you will earn 2000XP per each round and you can keep adding them to your kitty as you reach close to 100,000XP on your way to the final round.

Tip #11: Pokemons participating in the battle will earn more experience points than the ones resting in your Pokedex. So, it is imperative to change your Pokemon for each battle to ensure they level up faster.

Tip #12: Allow your strongest Pokemons to evolve naturally during combat as pre-evolved Pokemons will rob you off precious bonus XP that you earn during the process of evolution in real-time battles.

Tip #13: You may also trade your fully-evolved level 100 Pokemon with your friends in exchange for another level 100 Pokemon to garner bonus XP.

Tip #14: In case you are unable to win battles with your lower-ranked Pokemon switch to your strongest Pokemon like the Lunala for one shot kills and maximum XP in the game. All the other Pokemons in your team will gain simultaneous experience points as you win more and more battles.

Tip #15: All the Pokemons in the fast experience group will level up faster and help you reach the level 100 quicker than the other Pokemons in Medium Fast, Medium Slow and Slow categories.

Check out the full list of Pokemons in the Fast category below (in alphabetical order):

Tip #16:Every time you level up in the final round or become the battle champion, you will encounter different variations of Pokemons in the subsequent championship battles. This presents you the biggest opportunity to fine tune your level 100 Pokemon with special moves and combat powers.

Tip #17: You might also use the EV-trained Pokemons for the fastest level up or clearing the championship rounds as they generate more lucky eggs in due course of time.

Tip #18: There are other ways of optimizing the experience points of a high-level Pokemons like the Festival Plaza, wherein you can spend the Festival coins to level up according to pre-determined conditions in the game. For instance, a Rare Breakfast for the Pokemon at level 29 or lower will raise its level or rank by one.

For further assistance, check out Verlisify's stunning gameplay video below: