Best Pokemon GO cheats, jailbreak apps and tweaks revealed

Here's how to install and play Pokemon GO on jailbroken iOS devices.

The developer Niantic Labs rolled out Nintendo's globally acclaimed augmented-reality game 'Pokemon GO' just a few days ago while the internet is already abuzz with tons of jailbreak apps and tools specifically designed for Pokemon GO in iOS.

Here is the list of some of the best iPhone and iPad tweaks accessible via Cydia store alongside some top tips and tricks to get the most out of your jailbroken iOS device while playing Pokemon GO:


The game developers have introduced jailbreak detection mechanism into the code-base of Pokemon GO, which will prevent gamers from installing and/or playing the game on their jailbroken iOS devices.

Nevertheless, die-hard Pokemon fans can circumvent this problem by installing the PokePatch tweak, which will bypass the jailbreak detection mechanism and allow jailbreakers to install Nintendo's new augmented-reality game without a hitch.

Curious and restless gamers can head over to the developer's personal repo: to download the jailbreak tweak, which allows them to enjoy playing Pokemon GO on a jailbroken iOS device.


If you have already started complaining about walking long distances and hurting your legs in your quest for finding the rarest Pokemons, then PokemonGoAnywhere is the right choice for you. This jailbreak tweak enables you to cheat the system by simply tapping anywhere on the phone's display to make yourself walk to that location (without physically moving an inch from your couch).

Just keep playing with PokePatch and you will receive some exclusive power-boosts and upgrades over time. Grab this tweak from the developer's personl repo:

Pokemon Lock

If you are running Pokemon GO on a passcode disabled iPhone or iPad and quite tolerant about compromising your phone's battery life, then you can play the new augmented-reality game directly on the Lock screen of your device, using the new Pokemon Lock app.

If you really tired of catching Pokemon and have no energy to perform the extra step of unlocking the device, then you can go ahead and grab the smart little tweak for your jailbroken device via the developer's personal repository:

If you are still sceptical, check out the Pokemon GO hacks, cheats, mods and easter eggs in action, in the demo video below: