Bernie Sanders Worried That Joe Biden Could End Up Losing Like Hillary Clinton, Report Claims

Spectre of Hillary Clinton's loss still haunts many, including Bernie Sanders, who believe Joe Biden should move further left in his rhetoric

With the US Presidential Elections entering their final stage, the contest seems to be getting serious with the vast lead that Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden had over incumbent President Donald Trump becoming leaner. Now, concern about the prospects of the former Vice President are being voiced by his ex-rival and current supporter Bernie Sanders.

According to a report published by Washington Post, Senator Sanders believes that Biden's campaign has gone on the wrong track by focusing too much on Trump and not enough on bread and butter issues. The former opponent of Biden in Democratic Party's primaries also believes that the challenger to President Trump should embrace the more leftist elements of his party.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders wants Joe Biden to focus more on ground level issues Instagram/@berniesanders

Worried about 2016 re-run

This seems to be a case of once bitten, twice shy for Biden and company. The loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016 elections still seems to haunt the Democrats. In those elections also, Clinton held a firm lead going into the polls, only to see it fail to materialize into the necessary electoral college votes.

According to The Washington Post's report, Sanders camp thinks that the former VP is not talking enough about issues which deal with the average citizen's daily life. The Vermont Senator believes that matters such as improving health care for less privileged citizens and raising wages for the ordinary worker.

Not left enough

As a corollary of this belief, Sanders is also of the opinion that Biden should be more open to connecting with the radical elements of his party. The name of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the Congresswoman who has become a poster girl for people who want the party to move further to the left, has also cropped up.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden has tried to capture the middle ground Wikimedia Commons

Sanders seems to attract a lot of youth support and even got the formal backing of Ocasio Cortez during the primaries. However, in order to appeal to the non-ideological voters, Biden hasn't let his campaign be hijacked by radical elements. This, the Sanders camp says is travelling down the Hillary route of 2016.

More energy needed

While the challenger for the Oval Office is still maintaining a substantial lead in the crucial battleground states, there are worrying signs that his support among the traditional support base of Democrats is diminishing.

Sanders, on his part, is playing a more energetic role this time to support the Democratic nominee. It is believed by pollsters that the veteran politician wasn't able to transfer all his votes to Clinton. But this time, he is energetically campaigning in favor of Biden, who, according to media reports, shares good chemistry with him.

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