The benefits and impact of Cryptocurrencies per Elcryptodoc

Crypto youtuber

Article is for people who are interested in cryptocurrencies or simply want to know more about this crazy world on the internet. Maybe you heard from a friend who made absolutely crazy gains and bought a new expensive car or maybe you heard from another friend, he did lose it all while investing in cryptocurrencies. Crypto can be wildly overwhelming, there is so much to it. But if you want to become a crypto master, an expert you need to start somewhere. This article is going to take you from knowing nothing about crypto to learning you about the benefits and the impact of cryptocurrencies and the technology per Elcryptodoc.

Why you should care about crypto

Crypto has insane investing potential. The stunning price moves of Bitcoin, Ethereum have made headlines across the world for years and Elcryptodoc says they are sure if you haven't invested yet you've been at least interested in what it could be like to be holding on to some of these amazing assets. There are lots of people who have become magnificently rich billionaires and others who have become completely wrecked. One thing is for sure, fortunes can be made and lost in crypto.

The impact of the technology

Crypto is a breakthrough technology and an entire new asset class and it has already and will continue to impact the lives of millions of people around the world. Elcryptodoc believes that crypto will become a part of everyday life for everyone here on this planet. There are a few ways how crypto is changing the world. First, crypto is helping the bank unbanked. For billions of people across the world getting access to a bank or a bank account is completely impossible. Most people don't think about this stuff but having access to financial services is the key to living a normal life. Having access to financial services is made possible by cryptocurrency and this is one of the biggest impacts that this technology is already having across Africa and rural Asia which is a huge quality of life improvement for billions across the world.

Cheaper and faster remittances

Remittances are when you send money from a country to another. Normally when you want to send money from a country to another country the traditional way, 10 – 20% of the money being sent is taken as fees. Crypto completely solves this problem allowing anyone to send money directly to another person across the world with no intermediaries and very reasonable fees.

Self-Sovereign money

One of crypto's most important attributes is that it is self-sovereign money. Which means that it is protected from government intervention and hyperinflation. Unlike our normal money, FIAT currency which is printed at will and that means each and every year more and more cash comes into the world and every day those US dollars lose value whereas Bitcoin, we know for sure that there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin. There is no way that any government can ever interfere with that number. This means that it is self-sovereign and that it is completely protected from government intervention and hyperinflation.

Career opportunities

Crypto's also created some of the newest and most interesting career opportunities in the whole world. There are now jobs like, Crypto youtuber, play to earn where people can literally play video games and earn money, community manager, dao contributor, nft artist, yield farmer. Literally the list is endless and according to Elcryptodoc there will be tons of new jobs that will exist over the next few years.

Crypto can be a way of escaping the nine to five treadmill and benefitting from the explosive growth that this innovative new movement has to offer.

As an example, let's talk about the play to earn revolution in the Philippines. Last year a play to earn game called ''Axie Infinity'' went completely viral and started creating real repeatable and dependable salaries for millions of people across the world. Just for playing a video game. Players who play the game, earn a virtual currency dubbed ''Smooth Love Potion'' or SLP token. They can then sell that token for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or even US dollars stable coins. The money has actually turned out to be life-saving income for people across the Philippines and across the developing world. The fact that an entire Filipino village was able to make a living thanks to crypto play to earn is absolutely fascinating. This is an example of how crypto is truly changing the world.

This is why Elcryptodoc believes that Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and going to be adopted more and more in the near future and are going to be a part of everyone's life.