Ben Todar, The CEO Of Moon Nation Game Sheds Light On The Importance Of Consistent Development

Ben Todar

Ben Todar, the CEO of Moon Nation Game remains unaffected by the downward market trends and continues to build. The entrepreneur has spent enough time in the blockchain to understand that highs and lows are part of the game and hence he continues to hire more people and take development to the next level.

Sharing his thoughts on the market situation, Ben says that the market runs in cycles and decentralization can not be stopped. He says, "Despite the downtrend for more than 6 months now, we continued hiring, we opened a new office and we never stopped developing. These are the times to focus on developing and when the market turns back as it always does, the hard work will pay off."

Ben Todar built Moon Nation Game to offer the biggest crypto-based Space RPG 3D game to gaming enthusiasts. As they moved ahead, Ben took up the goal of bridging the gap between crypto and gaming. That's when he along with his team came up with Moon Nation Bridge.

Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) can connect any game be it on the blockchain or off it using the API. MNB also serves as a game dashboard, MNP/MNG wallet, game download hub, and future NFT marketplace! "Crypto is the future. And all of our projects revolve around crypto. Gaming, tech of bridging, and Education with #EduFi" explains Ben.

Ben Todar aims to make Moon Nation Game (MNG) rank in Top50. He is currently focused on making Moon Nation Bridge (MNB) the first successful cryptocurrency to gaming bridge that will be used for generations. Ben believes that the gaming industry is a huge marketplace and payment/earning with crypto is a must. "EDUFI is another space we are implementing into MNB other than GAMEFI. In collaboration with institutions, we are working on MNG-supported gamification of legal courses/exams for certifications," he says.

Ben Todar suggests young crypto entrepreneurs to be transparent, reach out to the community and listen to them. He suggests them to not work on hype and always keep the focus on development. "Work on collaborations with partners that would help your project technically. Always think out of the box marketing methods," he says.