Ben Affleck says his daughters were 'totally frozen' when they met Taylor Swift

Ben Affleck admitted that his daughters were completely awestruck when they met Taylor Swift.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck's daughters are a big fan of Taylor Swift Reuters

Ben Affleck's children are a big fan of Taylor Swift. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor admitted that his two daughters Seraphina and Violet were completely awestruck when they met the Bad Blood hitmaker.

During an interview with ET's Carly Steel while promoting his new movie, The Accountant, the Gone Girl actor said: "I introduced my two girls to Taylor Swift. It was like God came down and walked on water. They didn't say a thing. They were totally frozen."

The two-time Oscar winner also revealed if his children enjoy visiting him on the movie set. He said: "It's good to have your kids be aware of what you do and part of your life. It's good for them to know where I'm going when I go off to work. What's that looks like. They're kind of over it. They're not pressed by. It's kind of hard now as pulling teeth to get them come to the set 'cause they know it's bored, but they get candies."

Previously, Affleck had talked about his successful co-parenting with estranged wife Jennifer Garner. The 43-year-old actress and the Argo actor have remained close, though they announced their divorce in a joint statement on 30 June 2015 — a day after their tenth wedding anniversary.

He told E! Online: "I was doing math homework last night. When I'm there, you're stuck with your parents helping you with your homework. Jen [Garner]'s very good at math [too]. So far, my eldest kid is in fifth grade and they haven't passed me yet. But I feel like in seventh or eighth grade I'm going to start worrying that they're going to lose me."

Affleck continued: "It's important to be involved with your kids' schoolwork so you know what's going on and what they're doing and what you're supposed to be supporting and going to school nights."