Bella Thorne shares nude photos after a hacker blackmailed to leak it

Bella Thorne
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Bella Thorne has shared nude photos of herself on her Twitter account after a hacker threatened her to release them on several x-rated websites.

The 21-year-old Bella Thorne posted on Twitter that from the last 24-hours she had been threatened over her own nude pictures and videos. She also uploaded the screenshots of the conversations that happened between her and the alleged hacker. The hacker repeatedly claimed that he has nude pictures and videos of her.

"I feel gross," she added, "I feel watched, I feel someone has taken something from me that I only wanted one special person to see."

Bella Thorne added on her post that it is her decision to reveal these pictures online as she is not giving anyone else the satisfaction to do it.

"I can sleep tonight better knowing I took my power back," Thorne wrote. "U can't control my life u never will."

You can check out the tweet and the pictures here.

Bella Thorne has reportedly become the latest celebrity who has to endure such a pathetic thing. As previously reported, Captain America movie star, Hayley Atwell's nude selfie were posted on the x-rated website.

The threatening or blackmailing from the alleged hacker comes after Bella Thorne revealed that she was sexually abused when she was a child. Back in 2018, she opened up about the suffering she had to face when she was only ten years old. As per the model-actress, she was sexually abused when she was a child.

Meanwhile, as Bella Thorne fans know this for a fact that the young model is extremely vocal when it comes to her health and bold personality. Back when she released her pictures in which she chose to wear some tight red color latex dress, an insider revealed that Bella does not wish to change for anyone. She reportedly believed that if people are confident to show their body, then they should do that without fearing anyone's perspective.

In the professional world, Bella Thorne will be seen playing a vital role alongside Melissa Leo in Jordan Galland's indie revenge drama movie, Leave Not One Alive. She was last seen playing Veronica in the much acclaimed 2018 movie, I Still See You.