Bella Hadid reveals the secret behind her beautiful skin

Bella Hadid has some beauty hacks that help her keep pimples and inflammation of the skin at bay, read on to find out the secret

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Ever wondered how any supermodel manages to look her best despite having to juggle between shoots every day? Puffy eyes, dealing with pimples and skin inflammation are the few things people have to deal with in their everyday lives. However, here's a secret that's been revealed by the world's most beautiful woman, Bella Hadid. The supermodel was named as the most beautiful woman in the world since it's proved that her facial features are close to "physical perfection". So, how does Hadid mange to look great all the time? Her secret to her flawless beauty is nothing but "ice cubes".

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Bella Hadid is the sister of the supermodel Gigi Hadid. The 23-year-old American model uses ice cubes to de-puff her eyes when they look tired. The benefits of applying ice cubes are many, one of them is that it helps improve blood circulation. Since it helps in regulating the circulation of blood, it aids in adding a healthy glow to the skin. Not just this, applying ice will also improve the skin's complexion and put a stop to any wrinkles that might seem to appear on the face. The make-up star Sam Visser talks about some beauty hacks he uses while styling models. He reveals the benefits of ice facial and talks about how it helps in giving a fresh look before a shoot. Adding on to this, he mentions how it reduces skin inflammation.

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He goes on to explain, "Bella had just come from a long week of being on flights, so we wanted to give her an instant refresh before another shoot." The rising make-up artist further added, "Prepping the face with an ice facial instantly wakes up and brightens the skin, while the cooling effect reduces inflammation and swelling." The make-up star uses this technique to tone the facial features and applying ice also helps in refining these features. Using ice to massage the face is a wonderful technique that will help illuminate the skin and get rid of pimples to a great extent. Practising this everyday is highly beneficial to any individual who has a stressful job.