Belarus Unrest: Shocking Videos of Police Assault and Shooting of Protesters Emerge

The protests erupted following the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko, who has ruled the country for 26 years.

The Belarus protests have turned violent with the death of two protesters after the police used force. Videos of police atrocity and vehicles moving down protesters have resulted in intensified stir against President Alexander Lukashenko's rule.

The election was held on August 9 and the exit polls showed that Lukashenko, who has ruled Belarus for 26 years, had received 80 percent of the votes. The opposition party claimed that the election was a fraud and accused Lukashenko of rigging the ballot. The main opposition contender, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, was detained and forced to leave to Lithuania amidst protests.

Belarus protests
Belarus protesters were assaulted and detained by the government for staging stir against President Alexander Lukashenko. Twitter

This has led to an international outcry against the autocratic rule and people are trending #IStandWithBelarus hashtag. Protesters in Belarus have said that they were detained and beaten up inside the detention centers. Some protesters were released on Thursday evening but they were seen with bruises on their bodies.

Here is the video that shows a vehicle mowing down a protester. The action is followed by tear gas and gun shots as protesters rush to check the condition of the man run over by the vehicle.

This led to intensified protests and the authorities have stated that the protesters will be freed from detention. The minister of internal affairs, Yuri Karayev, issued an apology regarding detentions. "I take responsibility and apologize for injuries of random people at the protests who got it in the neck," he said, reported the Guardian.

The people are protesting against the re-election of Lukashenko. They are demanding change, fair election and freedom of expression. Thousands of protesters gathered in different places, formed human chains and were staging protests with placards peacefully. But they were greeted by police who used force to arrest them.

This only angered the protesters who have started gathering at various places including streets of Minsk with white flowers and balloons. Women are forming solidarity chains wearing white ribbons, bracelets and shirts making white a symbol of the movement while demanding the release of detained protesters.

A video also shows those in military and police force depositing their uniforms and joining the protesters in demanding change.

A police officer was seen handing red flowers to protesters taking part in the solidarity chain. He was appreciated for his efforts towards supporting peace over violence.

However, Lukashenko has said that the movement was initiated by foreign puppeteers and maintained that he still enjoys the majority support.