From being a pilot in the military to becoming a businessman, John Truelson comes a long way

John Truelson

Isn't it incredible to know and learn about all those people and individuals who make sure to go beyond the limits and create a unique niche for themselves? Well, the world is filled with too many such talented beings, but a few of them have always shone brighter than others and have also imbued more hope, positivity, and motivation in others to believe in their dreams. The aviation industry is also one which so far has produced some of the best-talented beings and professionals, out of which we saw the evident rise of a passionate man named John Truelson.

John Truelson is not your average guy who only dreamt of achieving something and then easily went ahead in attaining those goals. He has been a believer, a person who knew how to dream and dare and take over his chosen field, aviation. He confesses how he always felt passionate about it and knew he was made to fly the planes. He studied flight training at a college in East Texas and worked a day in and day out to become the pilot he had always dreamt of.

After attaining his Associate of Science degree from Central Texas College, he transferred to Texas A&M, Central Texas, where he graduated at the top of his class in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation. This led John Truelson to work as a flight instructor at Central Texas College and achieved a 100% pass rate from his students. He even worked part-time as a corporate pilot, flying a Mitsubishi MU2, before being hired as a commercial pilot for GoJet Airlines and then even worked as a freight pilot.

However, he believed he was made to do more and hence joined the Air Force, where he flourished his career and won Formation Top Gun awards. Over the years, he has passionately served his country in the Air Force and now has even turned into an entrepreneur, starting his own venture Lone Star Aviators, which is about the private jet charter and aircraft maintenance and plans to become a fixed base operator.

John Truelson's honest service through the Air Force, his years of passion as a pilot, and his genuine work with his aviation company Lone Star Aviators have brought him to the industry's forefront.