Being 20 and at the Heart of Socioeconomic Changes is a Reality for Lukas Tsimopoulos

Lukas Tsimopoulos

Globalization and technology have brought to the forefront a generation of pretty young entrepreneurs with a comparative advantage over their predecessors regarding their tech-savvy upbringing and flexible attitude. Lukas Tsimopoulos was natural in terms of that. He was still in high school in Australia when he simply decided to make some extra money from reselling cool products on eBay.

When he saw his income rising to the multiple-six-figures level in a few months, he decided to add sophistication to the mix, exploring all possible models and testing their efficiency. He started working on the drop-shipping model, because he realized that this is the way to trade products without having to maintain an inventory, by just filling the gaps in the supply chain.

As a soon-to-be multi-millionaire, he is making a huge profit while also enjoying life. From anywhere in the world, 20-year-old Lukas can make sure that products of well-established manufacturers will reach their ideal customers, going directly from factories to their doors. This enterprise, as opposed to his hospitality family business, is more compatible with quality living because it offers you the opportunity to travel.

Profits keep on soaring, and this whole success cannot be hidden anymore. He intentionally decided to disclose details of his journey to help people see the potential. His nearly 80 thousand followers on Instagram are all now inspired to work hard and take off like him thanks to his posts and direct messaging.

Small doses of success are those that motivated Lukas to search more, try an array of fields, and see which one was suitable to him. He set up many stores along the way; some did spectacularly well and others failed. This further boosted his curiosity and willingness to learn on the job.

Once he made a few thousand dollars inside the beauty and marketing niche, he got determined to discover how other people were making even more out of it. His ambition and fearlessness were proven an explosive mix with fantastic results. The money ending up in his pocket today results from a curated list of products that yield maximum profit. His online business is based on efficiency and thorough calculation of the benefits and risks. He doesn't need to stock tons of products; he knows which ones sell.

Lukas was never meant to be a nine-to-five employee. What he didn't know in advance was that because of the coronavirus threat, many more people would turn away from this model, becoming full-time work-from-homers, who at the same time turned into a vast group of online customers, including those who were never shopping from the web.

In a few months, his business skyrocketed, having to cover the increasing demand for health and beauty products. He is now becoming the 'new normal,' operating seamlessly from home and helping other people recalibrate their lives and adjust to the new realities. People need to cheer up, do something great for themselves, and reward their families for staying sane during difficult times. What was regarded as unheard-of, namely shopping everything online, is now a newly established reality he addresses and profits from.