Beijing fashion designer spent $40,000 to deliver baby at Portland Hospital as she likes 'posh English kid'

Lu Hui opted for the prestigious Portland Hospital to give birth in.

London based Chinese fashion designer Lu Hui gave birth to her first baby amidst world class room service along with Champagne and lobster. The first episode of new BBC documentary, Five Star Babies: Inside the Portland Hospital, showcases how the designer willingly chose a C – section and spent $40,000 for her stay at Britain's only private maternity hospital.

Hui, who is married to a Honk Kong based business tycoon, stated that The Potland Hospital was her only option after she discovered her pregnancy. She said: "I was Googling which is the best hospital to have a baby and The Portland is the top one that popped out. I know Victoria Beckham has had a baby there, she is my icon."

She also expressed that one of the reason that she selected this particular hospital is because of her likeness towards "posh English kids".

The 24-year-old, who founded brand SUKI London, revealed that the final delivery bill, which was initially quoted at $20,000 rose to $40,000 due to additional check-ups and her four day luxury stay at the hospital. The designer said: "When I first met my consultant she said it would cost around £20,000 but after so many scans and blood tests it's another £10,000, so total it is 30,000."

The Potland Hospital which has attracted celebrities like Kate Winslet, Jerry Hall, Victoria Beckham and many royals from Middle East, is one-of-a-kind Hospital, which matches the standard of a five-star-hotel.

Talking about the aura of The Potland Hospital, Chief Executive Janene Madden revealed that the Hospital gives the freedom to the mother and family to choose the delivery option. She said: "We give the information to the women they need and then we allow her to make her choice and support her all the way through."

"What I can advocate about here is that it is like having a holiday. You get to use the nursery, your baby is only brought back for feeding time, so after two or three nights here you leave here feeling really fit and well and ready to face this challenge as a new mum. It's how it should be," Madden added.

Five Star Babies: Inside The Portland Hospital telecasts every Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two.